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Trainer Orange Ep. 35

“Wow, Franklin! Your last battle was amazing! When your Slowpoke took that Growlithe by surprise,” Greg said reminiscing on the day.

“Greg, leave Franklin alone. We still couldn’t find his dad or Vanessa,” Daisy intervened. 

Greg halted in mid speech and looked at the pale moon. 

Crowds exited the busy stadium and dispersed into the streets. Daisy and Greg led the way through the forest, the same path Vanessa led them on only a day before.

The hoot’s were non existent. The moon illuminated the earth below the trainers feet. 

“Daisy, look,” Greg said pointed to the sparks shooting into the sky.

Greg and Daisy shared a look and continued on as the sparks burst through the sky like an electric knife through the moon above. 

Vanessa stood with her face covered with a hood and her Raichu shocking a straw filled dummy. The dummy showed small burn makes being replaced by new ones with each bolt from the mouse.

Daisy and Greg didn’t approach her and walked into the cabin leaving Franklin behind. Suddle whimpers came from the hood and Raichu placed his small yellow hand in hers.

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Trainer Orange Ep. 34

The older man sat among henchman waiting around for orders, than it rings,


“Across the way, is the tournament going the way I want it.”

“Yes, boss, we are going to aquire the location.”

“Don’t mess this one up, Taylor. There is no room for error.”

The pause and quick breathes from Taylor air over the line was disturbed again,

“Taylor, I need that location under Rocket control. I’ll be in touch.”

The click and the dial tone echoed through the pitch black room.

“What did the boss say,” a henchman muttered.

Taylor, rose from the chair, 

“Master Giovanni wants the tower. We will give him the tower. Make sure we win that tournament.”

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Trainer Orange Ep. 33

“That it! Franklin takes the round 2-0!”

The lights turned the crowd into joyful shadows clapping and cheering from above.

The corridor under the stadium was shelled in silence. Only distinguishable sound is the clack of heels of the nurses as they rushed to aid the downed Pokemon.

Tyler and Daisy were the only ones paused with joy, waiting in the lobby without Vanessa,

“Where is your sister?”

Daisy couldn’t meet Franklin’s eyes, “I’m not sure. She went down to the Pokecenter but we haven’t seen her since. She told us to watch your matches and to stay here.”

Tyler’s eyes wandered around the emptying lobby with hope drained trainers, mourning eyes, and dragged hearts.

Franklin’s win was drowned by the absence of Vanessa, “We should really go after her,” remembering the other missing member of the party, “Have you guys seen my dad?”

Tyler and Daisy neither jumped with knowledge, “Franklin, you can’t go anywhere yet. You still have another match today,” Daisy reminded.

Franklin remembered the loosened tails of his first catch and headed towards their seats to prepare for the next match.


Poetry · Writing


She ran out of luck,

down on it, they told her

not to venture under

the bridge it lived

she has arrived


yet, feeling short-lived.

The beast snarled close,

arose from the depths

knows no riddle for her

to yield the green grass


on the other side. No one

bigger than her behind

no horns to sway his behind

stranded on a wasteland

looking in on paradise.


Poetry · Writing

Window Washer

The shine in his eyes on summer

nights reminds him of the window.

The window he cleaned for summer

fees on those same summer nights.

He saw her.

Making tea for the neighbors at white picnics.

Taking her lone kid to church on Sundays while the mister dialed home that evening.

Playing muisc to the neighborhood children on fall mornings.

It couldn’t be the dream he

believed on those summer nights.



Believe in the moon we worship

on Bay Hill wishing to be a mountain.

Tumbling down the rabbit hole

the place we used to call home

where the moon came down from her castle

to feast with her subjects

or ex lovers.

Kissing at the top of the hill before

the sun will show his face and

cast her to the side-

us to the side.


Poetry · Writing

Octagon Window

Chance on the one

the two blows in the breeze

staring through the

first window.


Foggy night

foggy window

fogged up the night

we met.


I can’t look anymore.


I left the city for your dessert.

Deserted the same night

our flight took off

on this dream.


Goodnight, i’ll dream

for a new window.

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Trainer Orange Ep. 32

“Let me hear it  for your winner, Max!”

The crowd, livid with Max chants and excitement for their psychic trainer. Tyler and Daisy already left their seats to meet Vanessa at her tunnel. Max waved with his white gloves to the crowd until the tunnels darkness removed him.

Franklin ran from the repetitive chants to empty corridors, cold and abusive. Decorated walls of past champions, the most recent, Vanessa smiling with her prized Pokemon Egg. Corridor ended, greeting the tunnel entrance, to find Daisy standing behind Tyler watching Vanessa. She was engaged in a one-sided chat with the same old man who spoke with Julie and met Vanessa at her cabin. The old man had the same to henchmen he had with him at the cabin, yet, more determined and battle struck.

The old man raised his voice, “…reason you got their in the first place. Just remember that next time.

“There won’t be a next time,” Vanessa sputtered.

The old man rose his eyes, “I know, we are done here. Your lucky this tournament is all you lost.” The old man lowered his eyes and met Franklin’s again.

“You’ll remember this next time you cross Team Rocket.”