Poetry · Writing


My heart was your shield

the night the pitch forks came.

Into the steamy fields under

blood moon. Their screams

carried deep into the night.

Anger and fear clouded

their humanity, telling them

to burn.

Burn, burn until everything

is blood red. No devil can save you.

Run through the fields

my heart will be your shield

so you can fight for another.

Poetry · Writing


Pinwheeling through it. 

Gentle breeze blows the house

to pieces. Your labeled

The Big Bad Wolf. 

Pieces will lie on the

cold Earth for an

unmeasurable amount of time

before it heals. 
The contractor never

makes eye contact. Shamefully

assembling the remains as

a toddler builds a playhouse.

The pinwheel spins

until the next great gust.

Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 37

Franklin waited near the cabin for Daisy and Tyler. Vanessa sat near Raichu, never making a glance of interest. As they exited, Daisy and Tyler never made a gesture to her and began walking the trail.

The forest was lively. Pokemon scrambled through the trees, rustling bushes, and trampling leaves.

“Franklin? Have you ever caught a Pokemon? Besides Vulpix,” Tyler said.

Franklin watched the leaves crumble beneath his walked, “No. No just her. I just threw the ball.” 

Daisy and Tyler shared a look. Tyler ruffled through his trainer bag and pulled out five Pokeballs, “Here, take these! Mom and Dad bring them for us all the time so I have plenty!”

Before Franklin could deny, Tyler shoved them into his arm, “Also me and Daisy are gonna show you how to catch wild Pokemon!”

Franklin stared at the idle Pokeballs as Tyler rustled up against the bushes. A purple rat snapped at Tyler’s arm and growled at him furiously.

“A Rattata, go Greg,” Tyler said releasing his own Pokeball. 

Daisy stood close to Franklin, “Tyler is going to weaken the Rattata. This makes wild Pokemon easier to catch after they have used up most of their energy. We try not to do to much damage though. Fainted Pokemon we would need to take to the Pokemon Center. 

“Go, Greg! Confusion.” Purple waves emitted from Greg’s hands stunning the Rattata and sending it on its side. 

Tyler took out a Pokeball and threw it at the wild Rattata. The ball consumed the Rattata, one shake. Tyler and Greg watched the Pokeball twitch, waiting. The second shake, Daisy clenched Franklin’s arm. The third shake, the ball’s center circle faded from red to white. 

Poetry · Writing

Impersonating Gods

He once told me the sky was green.

I never questioned him and

without a grain of doubt

behind his trusting grin

I never thought to.

He once told me the world was flat.

Bare footed walks along the

ocean side watching the waves

peak across my toes

before it drowned over the edge.

He once said I would die alone.

Clenching knee’s

drifting into an ocean of sorrow

waiting for the sky

to revert to ocean blue.

Poetry · Writing

Breaking Ship

We couldn’t make it across the canal.

Waves tossed our tiny canoe before,

before sinking.

The ocean wasn’t always the terror.

The cool calmness sheltred our

boat along the icy tides.

Similiar to before we got on.

The dry lands fuled our

adventure, we didn’t know

it would be our last.

Poetry · Writing


Stampede the living and

forgive the dead.

The brilliant came up short

in a foot race for discovery.

We failed as a team.

Pacing a baton one by one

even though the end was near.

I’ll never forget that race.

We came to destroy each other

and left hand in hand.

Poetry · Writing

Sacred Ash

If I take away anything,

I can speak from the heart.

Watched it burn down to the end

and let the hose fall.

They said no one was left inside.

Truly left burned

we said quiet prayers

until the end was the beginning.

We never had a chance to clear the air,

before beating flames

and sacred ashes.

Fiction · Writing

Trainer Orange Ep. 36

Morning peeked over the cabin. Franklin arose slowly as the rays kissed his cheeks. Vanessa and her family weren’t in the room when his bare heels touched the cold wood. Out the window, the forest slowly consumed and sun, chasing the shadows over the quiet ridge beyond the reach of the sun.

Vanessa slept on a fallen log covered by a sun beat blanket. Raichu lined up along a crippled tree, sparks exploded from her fist, charged and leaped striking the tree. The now broken tree collapsed softly into the Earth, never waking Vanessa.

The living room was full of Pokemon. Greg and Daisy among others that Franklin has never met. Daisy and Tyler worked silently together, making chow of bliss. The aroma lifted the room and the Pokemon huddled close to Daisy and Tyler hoping for an early taste, never waking Vanessa.

Fresh air blew the twigs from the recently shattered tree around like leaves in autumn. Raichu sat near Vanessa, quietly watching over her. Pokemon chirped overhead in passing, Raichu’s focus never wavered, she turned to the logs and lifted it towards a stacking pile, never waking Vanessa.


Poetry · Writing


Aim to stick the landing

we never focused on the take off

your form was left wanting

the stairs you took we’re shaped by the greats before you.

Did you send a prayer to the god’s?

The old and the new.

They warranted your return

and you didn’t listen.