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Trainer Orange Ep. 37

Franklin waited near the cabin for Daisy and Tyler. Vanessa sat near Raichu, never making a glance of interest. As they exited, Daisy and Tyler never made a gesture to her and began walking the trail.

The forest was lively. Pokemon scrambled through the trees, rustling bushes, and trampling leaves.

“Franklin? Have you ever caught a Pokemon? Besides Vulpix,” Tyler said.

Franklin watched the leaves crumble beneath his walked, “No. No just her. I just threw the ball.” 

Daisy and Tyler shared a look. Tyler ruffled through his trainer bag and pulled out five Pokeballs, “Here, take these! Mom and Dad bring them for us all the time so I have plenty!”

Before Franklin could deny, Tyler shoved them into his arm, “Also me and Daisy are gonna show you how to catch wild Pokemon!”

Franklin stared at the idle Pokeballs as Tyler rustled up against the bushes. A purple rat snapped at Tyler’s arm and growled at him furiously.

“A Rattata, go Greg,” Tyler said releasing his own Pokeball. 

Daisy stood close to Franklin, “Tyler is going to weaken the Rattata. This makes wild Pokemon easier to catch after they have used up most of their energy. We try not to do to much damage though. Fainted Pokemon we would need to take to the Pokemon Center. 

“Go, Greg! Confusion.” Purple waves emitted from Greg’s hands stunning the Rattata and sending it on its side. 

Tyler took out a Pokeball and threw it at the wild Rattata. The ball consumed the Rattata, one shake. Tyler and Greg watched the Pokeball twitch, waiting. The second shake, Daisy clenched Franklin’s arm. The third shake, the ball’s center circle faded from red to white. 

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Trainer Orange Ep. 36

Morning peeked over the cabin. Franklin arose slowly as the rays kissed his cheeks. Vanessa and her family weren’t in the room when his bare heels touched the cold wood. Out the window, the forest slowly consumed and sun, chasing the shadows over the quiet ridge beyond the reach of the sun.

Vanessa slept on a fallen log covered by a sun beat blanket. Raichu lined up along a crippled tree, sparks exploded from her fist, charged and leaped striking the tree. The now broken tree collapsed softly into the Earth, never waking Vanessa.

The living room was full of Pokemon. Greg and Daisy among others that Franklin has never met. Daisy and Tyler worked silently together, making chow of bliss. The aroma lifted the room and the Pokemon huddled close to Daisy and Tyler hoping for an early taste, never waking Vanessa.

Fresh air blew the twigs from the recently shattered tree around like leaves in autumn. Raichu sat near Vanessa, quietly watching over her. Pokemon chirped overhead in passing, Raichu’s focus never wavered, she turned to the logs and lifted it towards a stacking pile, never waking Vanessa.


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Trainer Orange Ep. 35

“Wow, Franklin! Your last battle was amazing! When your Slowpoke took that Growlithe by surprise,” Greg said reminiscing on the day.

“Greg, leave Franklin alone. We still couldn’t find his dad or Vanessa,” Daisy intervened. 

Greg halted in mid speech and looked at the pale moon. 

Crowds exited the busy stadium and dispersed into the streets. Daisy and Greg led the way through the forest, the same path Vanessa led them on only a day before.

The hoot’s were non existent. The moon illuminated the earth below the trainers feet. 

“Daisy, look,” Greg said pointed to the sparks shooting into the sky.

Greg and Daisy shared a look and continued on as the sparks burst through the sky like an electric knife through the moon above. 

Vanessa stood with her face covered with a hood and her Raichu shocking a straw filled dummy. The dummy showed small burn makes being replaced by new ones with each bolt from the mouse.

Daisy and Greg didn’t approach her and walked into the cabin leaving Franklin behind. Suddle whimpers came from the hood and Raichu placed his small yellow hand in hers.

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Trainer Orange Ep. 34

The older man sat among henchman waiting around for orders, than it rings,


“Across the way, is the tournament going the way I want it.”

“Yes, boss, we are going to aquire the location.”

“Don’t mess this one up, Taylor. There is no room for error.”

The pause and quick breathes from Taylor air over the line was disturbed again,

“Taylor, I need that location under Rocket control. I’ll be in touch.”

The click and the dial tone echoed through the pitch black room.

“What did the boss say,” a henchman muttered.

Taylor, rose from the chair, 

“Master Giovanni wants the tower. We will give him the tower. Make sure we win that tournament.”

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Trainer Orange Ep. 33

“That it! Franklin takes the round 2-0!”

The lights turned the crowd into joyful shadows clapping and cheering from above.

The corridor under the stadium was shelled in silence. Only distinguishable sound is the clack of heels of the nurses as they rushed to aid the downed Pokemon.

Tyler and Daisy were the only ones paused with joy, waiting in the lobby without Vanessa,

“Where is your sister?”

Daisy couldn’t meet Franklin’s eyes, “I’m not sure. She went down to the Pokecenter but we haven’t seen her since. She told us to watch your matches and to stay here.”

Tyler’s eyes wandered around the emptying lobby with hope drained trainers, mourning eyes, and dragged hearts.

Franklin’s win was drowned by the absence of Vanessa, “We should really go after her,” remembering the other missing member of the party, “Have you guys seen my dad?”

Tyler and Daisy neither jumped with knowledge, “Franklin, you can’t go anywhere yet. You still have another match today,” Daisy reminded.

Franklin remembered the loosened tails of his first catch and headed towards their seats to prepare for the next match.


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Trainer Orange Ep. 32

“Let me hear it  for your winner, Max!”

The crowd, livid with Max chants and excitement for their psychic trainer. Tyler and Daisy already left their seats to meet Vanessa at her tunnel. Max waved with his white gloves to the crowd until the tunnels darkness removed him.

Franklin ran from the repetitive chants to empty corridors, cold and abusive. Decorated walls of past champions, the most recent, Vanessa smiling with her prized Pokemon Egg. Corridor ended, greeting the tunnel entrance, to find Daisy standing behind Tyler watching Vanessa. She was engaged in a one-sided chat with the same old man who spoke with Julie and met Vanessa at her cabin. The old man had the same to henchmen he had with him at the cabin, yet, more determined and battle struck.

The old man raised his voice, “…reason you got their in the first place. Just remember that next time.

“There won’t be a next time,” Vanessa sputtered.

The old man rose his eyes, “I know, we are done here. Your lucky this tournament is all you lost.” The old man lowered his eyes and met Franklin’s again.

“You’ll remember this next time you cross Team Rocket.”

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Trainer Orange Ep. 31

“Voltorb is down! Voltrob is down! Max tales the lead,” the announcer shouted, igniting the Max chants through the crowd.

Vanessa recalled the idle Voltorb and stared at the ball.

“What happened to sis? I’ve never seen her battle like that,” Tyler said.

Franklin watched Vanessa staring at her remaining Pokemon.

“Yeah, she used to have a Voltorb, I know she could have won that round,” Daisy said.

‘Max, Max, Max!’

Vanessa released her second Pokemon, “A Pikachu! That’s a Vanessa classic!”

“Max second Pokemon is a Natu!”

“A Natu! Pikachu has a big type advantage against Natu,” Tyler shouted.

Vanessa watched Natu flap side to side, tuning into the Max chants, flaring fanatics blackened by Bulk berry sized lights. Natu’s small body flapped violently along the wind stream of the water arena. Pikachu stood on the edge of the body, watching the flying, purple Pokemon.


“Go Natu, charge with Peck,” Natu charged the yellow mouse and jabbed, sending Pikachu across the water.

“What is sis doing. She could have taken out that Natu with one attack right there,” Daisy protested.

Vanessa withdrew, watching Pikachu idle around the icy pond.

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Trainer Orange Ep. 29

-Sea of golden flakes dropped from the sky, surrounding barring dipped from rainbow tastings. Wind currents shook the flakes around on miniture hurricanes surrounding Franklin.

The magestic bird whore red and white feathers, golden talens with a matching crown on her brow. Deep emerald eyes stared Franklin deep into the earth, shrunk to a bust bunny on her majastey’s will.

The large Pokemon cried and flapped into the sun, leaving behind a rainbow trail with every flap.-

“Thee end. What did you think Franklin?’

“Awesome, mom!” Does Ho-Oh only show herself to strong trainers?”

“No my sweet boy never.” Franklin’s demeanor shrieks to match his stature.

“She will only appear for the best.”


Franklin recalled that story as Vanessa chased her younger siblings. A true vision of greatness, landing, commading only the greatest. Rumors Red met her, Franklin watched Vanessa closely. Watching her clothes swing goldenly.

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Trainer Orange Ep. 28

Daisy followed her own tracks back to her home.

Thunder struck the earth sending a tremble below Franklin’s feet. Daisy relieved herself of grief and rushed to the epicenter. Franklin followed close, watching the sky slice into pieces by thunder. The roof of the cabin sinked into visibility and Vanessa’s battle. Her Raichu stood strong in front of a trio of uninvited guest.

Two men returned feinted Pokemon to their respective balls. The third, Franklin stared at intensely. The man who confronted Julia after their battle.

“You can leave now,” Vanessa demanded.

“Oh dearest, I’ll be back and next time, you won’t be able to refuse.” The three men walked into the forest as the older man gave Franklin a smirk.

Tyler revealed himself behind the door and approached Vanessa as Daisy did.

“It’s about time we go, guys. The next round will start soon!” Tyler and Daisy’s face vanished into the cabin with their bodies trotting behind. Vanessa recalled Raichu,

“You recognize that man. Didn’t you, Franklin?” Franklin could only muster a nod similar to Julia.

Vanessa turned her back to Franklin and began to walk into the cabin,

“Just… just stay away from him.”

Franklin stood in the chirping forest amongst thunder craters.

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Trainer Orange Ep. 27

Daisy and Daisy stared down the Nidorina.

“Go, Daisy, Razor Leaf!”

Thin leaves shot from Daisy’s mane shot towards Nidorina. She turned her horn to the side and took the sharp leaves to the side. Nidorina cried and darted away from the shrub charging, leading with her skull.

“Daisy, to the side and use Acid!” Nidorina swung wide and Daisy released dark plum sludge towards the feral Nidorina. The wild Pokemon shook the Acid off its hide and the spikes from her spine turned a similar plum and began charging recklessly towards Daisy.

Daisy smirked, “Daisy, now! Sleeping powder!” Daisy shook her large leaf brow and a thin layer of magenta dust poured into the air surrounding Nidorina. A step or two into the head on assault, the Nidorina dropped into a heavy sleep. Daisy revealed a Pokeball from her pocket.

Low squeals developed from the identical shrub Nidorina inhabited. Small Pokemon, the same complexion as the Nidorina squealed, four smaller Nidorans stumbled around the grass.

Daisy stared at the baby Pokemon and returned the Pokeball and retrieved Daisy’s. The stream of red light retracted Daisy into her Pokeball.

“Daisy? Are you going to catch it,” Franklin asked watching the sleeping Pokemon.

Daisy turned around and headed back in the direction of her home leaving Franklin slugging behind with his head turned behind him watching the tamed Pokemon.